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Refrigerant Management

WWG TOTALINE is pleased to be able to support our Customers, by providing a program for the return of used refrigerant. WWG/Totaline is a member of the Refrigerant Management Canada Program (RMC), which provides our Customers the opportunity to return used refrigerant that meets the program guidelines.

Refrigerant Disposal

There will be no refrigerant disposal charge for mixed CFC’s, HCFC’s or HFC’s.

Empty Cylinders:

A user handling charge will apply for recovery cylinders returned empty. Handling Charges:$50 per charge for all Cylinders returned empty $375 per charge for all 454 kg (1000 lb) cylinders returned empty WWGTotaline cannot guarantee the cleanliness of empty Fielding Chemical Technologies cylinders. They are intended for recovery use only.

Customer Owned Cylinder and Drum Disposal:

A disposal fee of $25.00 for any disposal of drums and cylinders plus any applicable cleaning charges

Note: Prices subject to change. For larger recovery opportunities please contact your local branch for details.

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Inquiries are for licensed trade wholesale and contractors only. Homeowners are encouraged to contact their local contractor.

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